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Think Fast Part 2

2015-08-25 10:12:54 by MadDogToons

Im going to work on the part 2, its gonna be gud :3


2015-08-23 09:16:27 by MadDogToons

I'm going to learn how to animate in photoshop and im going to try and level up my art skills so I Wont be uploading as much so yeah.

Working On Cartoons :)

2015-08-22 06:25:20 by MadDogToons

I love making them, thats why i dedicate my free time to make them. I'm going to think of some ideas and make a storyboard to them then do audio and then animate so what im trying to say is that im going to be working on a cartoon (I dont know what yet).

Flash Fucking Corrupted

2015-08-09 16:39:16 by MadDogToons

Mother Fucker, flash cs5.5 fucking corrupted my new upcoming animation. The amount of stress what goes through animation. I love animating, I hope it becomes my future job, but it wont when flash is braking on me everytime. For the like past 6 cartoons ive made they have all had problems with flash. So there might be a big big delay on cartoons being published but what can i do when my files fuck up on me. I could upload what i managed to get to since my swf file didnt corrupt but seriously ive got to update my flash and not let this happen again. The amount of hours trying to make entertainment backfires and fucks me up the ass, really hard :( 5235636_143915274672_1438621695031s.jpg

New Project,!!!

2015-07-29 15:11:12 by MadDogToons

Yeah im experementing with effects and its going to be super kawaii and full of amazing colour since my newer releases havent been that sucsessful and im hoping this will turn out good :))5235636_143819706362_n.jpg


2015-07-19 05:25:14 by MadDogToons

I'm not dead, it just takes a fucking loooooooooooong time to animate 5235636_143729791042_1436074046536s.jpg

Update No. 456

2015-07-09 13:46:11 by MadDogToons

Ok, im working on a project for a animation festival outside newgrounds. I will upload here still, so just wait animation takes patiance time and effort. Yay..,.


Still On It. Working.

2015-06-27 04:20:49 by MadDogToons

Ok, Still working on the 'big' project. And ive also started working on a peice for my presentation in my english class at school I'm pretty sure ill get that one finished without rushing it and ill be able to carry on with Delta force's animatic, im only short of like 2-3 scenes. I Will try to post and upload at anytime possible but what do you want to look at. A peice of shit whats rushed or, A fine cartoon what has had effort put into it. Thats all, Cheerio..5235636_143539323021_1433947421356.gif

Big Big Big BIG Project!!!

2015-06-17 16:03:52 by MadDogToons

Put 'sell out' On hold to work on a big project with non-existant friends. 

How many projects !!

2015-06-08 11:39:08 by MadDogToons

Yeah, im working on 2 peices at the moment 1 is still sell out and the other is called hiccup. Yey, but its a hard job y'know..