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I Am still still working!

2015-06-04 14:40:10 by MadDogToons

Im still working on sell out, its gonna still take me a while since im putting lots and lots of detail on it. Yes, you read me. Detail its what I always do in the cartoons i make....

Still Working :D

2015-05-28 16:00:48 by MadDogToons

I am still working on sell out, But it will take longer to make, the longer the better. Right, anyways thank you for nothing but love and hate, for no wierd reason...

So guys !!

2015-05-15 14:12:12 by MadDogToons

Now im getting fed up of being unprepared so i guess im gonna do alot of story boards and animatics and audio checks and drawings so i feel Pre Pared when i animate so im gonna learn anatomy and shit. Yeee.

Undercless Heer0

2015-05-11 10:45:19 by MadDogToons

k, still workin on it .... yeh

Underclass Hero

2015-05-05 10:42:44 by MadDogToons

I'm still working on it its just that recently schools been up my ass again and ive had some exams to pour the gravy on top so yeah...

New project Boiii,

2015-04-26 09:37:51 by MadDogToons

Ok, new project called 'Underclass Hero' featuring music by sum 41 and this is basicaly like a comic since in a libary lesson at school i was drawing a comic and its based off of that. i will publish the comic strips whatever on the newgrounds art portal so it could be interesting to luck at. anyway, Later dudes....  

Almost Done

2015-04-22 16:01:21 by MadDogToons

I have nearly finished part one of the anime, i could try and finish it tonight and smooth it all up. I need to do it today or tomorrow since i have a 30paged booklet homework to do and 10 pages of math revision since i have a test next week, anyway love you bae's....


2015-04-18 03:22:27 by MadDogToons

FUCKING SCHOOL. I haven't been able to animate for a week, ive had school and after school i feel like shet so i dont animate, but that will change...

Okay, i've got my tablet and straight away i am animating it works really well, as for biohazard its going to be good so sit tight till i finish it. There is going to be 2 parts so wait for that aswell ..

Working On Audio

2015-04-07 06:57:48 by MadDogToons

Okay, first thing after doing the animatic is the audio, ill proberly finish it today or tomorrow and then ive got to wait for my MOTION LE1600 COMPUTING Tablet to come through the post so i can start animating and we will have to see then. Okay.