Still On It. Working.

2015-06-27 04:20:49 by MadDogToons

Ok, Still working on the 'big' project. And ive also started working on a peice for my presentation in my english class at school I'm pretty sure ill get that one finished without rushing it and ill be able to carry on with Delta force's animatic, im only short of like 2-3 scenes. I Will try to post and upload at anytime possible but what do you want to look at. A peice of shit whats rushed or, A fine cartoon what has had effort put into it. Thats all, Cheerio..5235636_143539323021_1433947421356.gif


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2015-06-27 12:10:17



2015-06-27 17:10:16

Tiiight lookin forward to it dawg

MadDogToons responds:

It's gonna be a long time though, Like the release of fallout 4 Xd