Flash Fucking Corrupted

2015-08-09 16:39:16 by MadDogToons

Mother Fucker, flash cs5.5 fucking corrupted my new upcoming animation. The amount of stress what goes through animation. I love animating, I hope it becomes my future job, but it wont when flash is braking on me everytime. For the like past 6 cartoons ive made they have all had problems with flash. So there might be a big big delay on cartoons being published but what can i do when my files fuck up on me. I could upload what i managed to get to since my swf file didnt corrupt but seriously ive got to update my flash and not let this happen again. The amount of hours trying to make entertainment backfires and fucks me up the ass, really hard :( 5235636_143915274672_1438621695031s.jpg


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2015-08-10 14:19:08

i can't not even begin to fathom how hard i can relate to this, i always end up raging for a bit and then i play a game for hours on end to suffice for my anger lol